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1881 British Census

All LUCEYs present in Great Britain at time of 1881 Census, sorted by forename living in England at time of Census.

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LUCEY ... Elizth. Serv C1855 Suff Suff
LUCY A. Niec C1870   Surr
LUCY Ada Dau C1880 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Ada Dau C1878 Lond Lond
LUCY ((KING)) Ada GDau C1857 Ches Ches
LUCY Ada C. Dau C1867 Warw Warw
LUCY Adelaide Serv C1866 Here Lond
LUCY Agnes Dau C1878 Nham Nham
LUCY Agnes Dau C1866 Som Surr
LUCY Agnes GDau C1878 Nham Nham
LUCY Agnes Wife C1846 Wigt Kirk
LUCY Agnes M.G. Wife C1857 York Glou
LUCY Agustus Son C1878 Lond Lond
LUCY Albert Son C1879 Esse Esse
LUCY Albert Son C1878 Lond Lond
LUCEY Albert A. Son C1877   Lond
LUCY Albert Ernest Son C1871 Kent Kent
LUCY Albert J. Son C1868 Lond Lond
LUCY Alberta M. Dau C1880 Wilt Wilt
LUCY Alexander Son C1869 Engl Lana
LUCY Alfred Son C1873 Here Here
LUCY Alfred Son C1874 Lond Surr
LUCY Alfred Son C1845 Warw Staf
LUCY Alfred R. Head C1850 Surr Surr
LUCEY Algernon C. Son C1863 Kent Kent
LUCY Alice Dau C1877 Glou Som
LUCY Alice Dau C1871 Suff Esse
LUCY Alice Serv C1864 Lond Lond
LUCY Alice Sis C1841 Lond Surr
LUCY Alice Sis C1860 Monm Lond
LUCEY Alice Wife C1853   Staf
LUCY Alice F. Dau C1880 Surr Surr
LUCY Alice V. Dau C1878 Worc Worc
LUCEY Allice L. Dau C1879   Lond
LUCY Amelia Serv C1860   Lond
LUCY Amelia G. Vist C1855 Lond Lond
LUCY Amelia Lewis Head C1837 Surr Surr
LUCY Ann Dau C1861 Esse Esse
LUCY Ann Head C1829 Glam Glam
LUCY Ann Head C1817   Lanc
LUCY Ann Vist C1828 Staf Staf
LUCY Ann Wife C1826 Glou Glou
LUCY Ann Wife C1821 Lond Lond
LUCY Ann Wife C1840   Warw
LUCY Anne Dau C1868 Esse Esse
LUCY Anne Dau C1879 Glam Glam
LUCY Anne Dau C1855 Lond Surr
LUCY Anne Dau C1873 Surr Surr
LUCY Anne Sis C1803 Lanc Ches
LUCY Anne SisL C1856 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Anne Wife C1841 Here Worc
LUCEY Anne Wife C1834 Lond Oxfo
LUCY Anne Wife C1848   Surr
LUCEY Annie Dau C1879 Leic Leic
LUCY Annie Head C1849 Lond Lond
LUCEY Annie Serv C1865 Ayr Ayr
DE LUCEY Annie Wife C1854 Scot Lanc
LUCEY Annie C. Dau C1868 Oxfo Oxfo
LUCY Annie E. Dau C1877 Nham Nham
LUCY Annie M. Bord C1855 York Lanc
LUCY Annie Maria Dau C1866 Staf Staf
LUCEY Arther Son C1880   Lond
LUCY Arthur Bro C1861 Oxfo Kent
LUCY Arthur Son C1870 Lond Lond
LUCY Arthur Son C1873 Lond Esse
LUCY Arthur Son C1876 Lond Lond
LUCY Arthur Son C1872   Suff
LUCY Arthur Chas. Bord C1859   Surr
LUCEY Arthur E. Son C1871 Oxfo Oxfo
LUCY Arthur George Son C1872 Kent Kent
LUCY Arthur H. GSon C1859 Lanc Staf
LUCY Arthur J. Lodg C1865 Worc Lanc
LUCY Arthur S. Son C1879 Glou Glou
LUCY Bartholomew Head C1838 Kent Kent
LUCY Beatrice A.L. Dau C1879 Worc Worc
LUCY Benjamin Inmt C1811   Glou
LUCY Benjamin Son C1843   Lanc
LUCY Bertha Sis C1867 Kent Kent
LUCY Bertram E. Son C1872 Worc Worc
LUCY Betsy Bord C1842 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Betsy Wife C1831 Esse Surr
LUCY Blanche S.M. Dau C1875 Lond Warw
LUCY Bridget Dau C1869 Kent Kent
LUCY Bridget Lodg C1829 Irel Lond
LUCY Bridget Lodg C1862 Kent Esse
LUCY Bridget Moth C1819 Irel Kent
LUCY C.H. Vist C1849 Lond Lond
LUCY Caroline Head C1811 Surr Surr
LUCY Caroline Wife C1844   Suff
LUCY Caroline M. Wife C1847 Lond Surr
LUCY Catherine Dau C1876 Glou Glou
LUCY Catherine Dau C1872 Kent Kent
LUCY Catherine Dau C1862 Lond Surr
LUCY Catherine Dau C1865   Lanc
LUCY Catherine Dau C1869   Warw
LUCY Catherine MothL C1796 Suss Lond
LUCY Catherine Niec C1869 Oxfo Surr
LUCY Catherine Paup Inmt C1813 Irel Lond
LUCY Catherine Wife C1844 Glou Glou
LUCY Catherine Wife C1851 Glou Glou
LUCY Catherine A. Wife C1847 Buck Lond
LUCY Cathn. Head C1828 Irel Devo
LUCY Cathrine Dau C1872 Glam Glam
LUCY Cathrine M. Serv C1854 Irel Kent
LUCY Cecil W.R. Son C1876 Surr Surr
LUCY Charles Head C1848 Glou Glou
LUCY Charles Head C1834 Here York
LUCY Charles Head C1850 IMan Warw
LUCY Charles Head C1836 Worc Worc
LUCY Charles Head C1842 Worc Som
LUCEY Charles Head C1820   Oxfo
LUCY Charles Son C1866 Here Here
LUCY Charles Son C1872 Lond Lond
LUCEY Charles Son C1869 Oxfo Oxfo
LUCEY Charles Son C1879   Lond
LUCIE Charles Vist C1858 Lond Lond
LUCY Charles A. Son C1863 Warw Warw
LUCY Charles B. Son C1858 Ches Ches
LUCY Charles F. Son C1880 Lond Lond
LUCY Charles Frederick Head C1846 Lond Wilt
LUCY Charles H.R. Son C1878 Worc Worc
LUCEY Charles W. Son C1856 Lond Surr
LUCY Charles W. Son C1870 Som Surr
LUCEY Charles W. Son C1857 Surr Surr
LUCY Charles Wooten Head C1839 Wilt Surr
LUCY Charlotte Rdnt C1861 Irel Kent
LUCY Charlotte Wife C1838 Here Here
LUCY Chas. Bro C1865 Kent Kent
LUCY Chas. J. Head C1853 Surr Surr
LUCEY Chas.Allen Son C1877 Leic Leic
LUCY Chas.H. Lodg C1862 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Christina Wife C1846 Scot Warw
LUCY Constance S. Dau C1867 Warw Warw
LUCEY Cornelius Head C1841 Devo Lond
LUCY Cornelius Head C1825 Irel Lanc
LUCY Cornelius Head C1827 Irel Lond
LUCY Cornelius Head C1841 Irel Lond
LUCY Cornelius Head C1843 Irel Kent
LUCY Cornelius Head C1833 Monm Devo
LUCY Cornelius Son C1877   Lanc
LUCY Cornelius   C1857 Irel Navy
LUCY Daniel Head C1835 Irel Lond
LUCEY Daniel Head C1853 Irel Lond
LUCY Daniel Son C1868 Glam Glam
LUCY Daniel Son C1858 Irel Lond
LUCY Daniel Son C1873 Lond Lond
LUCY Denis Bord C1857 Kent Kent
LUCY Dennice Bord C1858 Irel Kent
LUCY Dennis Son C1863 Lond Lond
LUCY Dorothy Kathleen Dau C1880 Wilt Wilt
LUCY E. Moth C1815   Surr
LUCY E.Berkeley Head C1843 Fran Warw
LUCIE E.W. Lodg C1865 Som Som
LUCEY Ebenezer C. Head C1835 Surr Kent
LUCY Edgar C.F. Son C1878 Surr Surr
LUCY Edith Dau C1880 Glou Som
LUCY Edith Niec C1872 Oxfo Surr
LUCY Edith (Twin) Sis C1871 Kent Kent
LUCY Edith A. Dau C1858 Glou Glou
LUCY Edith F.R. Dau C1880 Surr Surr
LUCY Edw. E. Bord C1862 Worc Staf
LUCY Edward Head C1857 Esse Esse
LUCY Edward Head C1853 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Edward Lodg C1862 Kent Esse
LUCY Edward Son C1878 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Edward P. Son C1866 Kent Devo
LUCY ((KING)) Edwin GSon C1866 Lanc Ches
LUCY Edwin Head C1852 Engl ChaI
LUCY Edwin J. Son C1863 Lond Lond
LUCY Eleanor Dau C1856 Glam Glam
LUCY Eleanor A. Wife C1846 Fran Lond
LUCY Eliza Dau C1877 Esse Esse
LUCY Eliza Gvns C1846 Esse Lond
LUCY Eliza Head C1833 Irel Lanc
LUCY Eliza Sis C1857 Buck Kent
LUCY Eliza Wife C1825 Esse Esse
LUCY Eliza Wife C1851 Esse Esse
LUCY Eliza Wife C1837 Glou Here
LUCY Eliza Wife C1846 Lond Lond
LUCY Eliza Wife C1852 Lond Lond
LUCY Eliza Wife C1844 Suff Esse
LUCEY Eliza Wife C1839 Surr Lond
LUCEY Eliza Wife C1856 York Lanc
LUCY Eliza E. Head C1834 Lond Glou
LUCEY Eliza.A. Serv C1855 Dors Hamp
LUCY Elizabeth Bord C1861 Esse Esse
LUCY Elizabeth Dau C1830 Devo Devo
LUCY Elizabeth Dau C1876 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Elizabeth Dau C1863 Lond Lond
LUCY Elizabeth Dau C1869 Lond Lond
LUCY Elizabeth Dau C1829 Nham Nham
LUCY Elizabeth Dau C1872   Lanc
LUCY Elizabeth Head C1831   Surr
LUCY Elizabeth Head C1858   Glou
LUCEY Elizabeth Lodg C1821 Lond Lond
LUCY Elizabeth Serv C1863 Lond Lond
LUCY Elizabeth Sis C1855 Nham Nham
LUCY Elizabeth Wife C1824 Carm Glou
LUCY Elizabeth Wife C1840 Lond Lond
LUCY Elizabeth Wife C1841 Lond Lond
LUCY Elizabeth Wife C1838 Suff Lond
LUCY Elizabeth A. Dau C1863 Suff Lond
LUCY Elizabeth A. Head C1817 Here Here
LUCEY Elizabeth Ann Dau C1880 Surr Surr
LUCY Elizabeth Ann Wife C1858 Camb Glou
LUCY Elizabeth Anne Comp C1827 Glou Som
LUCY Elizabeth Annie Dau C1879 Glou Glou
LUCY Elizabeth C. Wife C1859 Lond Lond
LUCY Elizabeth E. Wife C1816 Lanc Ches
LUCY Elizabeth Ellen Dau C1877 Lanc Lanc
LUCEY Elizabeth J. Wife C1854 Surr Surr
LUCY Elizth. Wife C1851 Lond Lond
LUCY Ellen Bord C1875 Here Here
LUCEY Ellen Bord C1864 Irel Ches
LUCEY Ellen Dau C1875 Glou Staf
LUCY Ellen Dau C1873 Hunt Nham
LUCY Ellen Dau C1862 Lond Lond
LUCY Ellen Dau C1865 Lond Surr
LUCY Ellen Dau C1859 Monm Monm
LUCY Ellen Dau C1876 Nham Nham
LUCY Ellen Dau C1875 Surr Surr
LUCY Ellen Dau C1866   Som
LUCY Ellen Dau C1872   Glou
LUCY Ellen Inmt C1813 Irel Kent
LUCY Ellen Wife C1828 Irel Monm
LUCEY Ellen Wife C1833 Irel Lanc
LUCY Ellen Wife C1839 Irel Lond
LUCY Ellen Wife C1841 Irel Kent
LUCY Ellen Wife C1853 Irel Glam
LUCY Ellen Wife C1827 Norf Lond
LUCY Ellen Wife C1842 Som Surr
LUCY Ellen E. Dau C1880 Worc Worc
LUCEY Ellen Jane Sclr C1875 Surr Esse
LUCY Ellen L. Dau C1875 Lond Lond
LUCY Ellen M. Dau C1875 Nham Nham
LUCEY Ellie Sis C1862 Irel Lond
LUCY Elsie Isabel Dau C1879 Wilt Wilt
LUCY Emily Dau C1851 Esse Esse
LUCY Emily Dau C1867 Lond Esse
LUCY Emily Dau C1864 Surr Surr
LUSEY Emily Serv C1861 Lanc York
LUCY Emily Wife C1840 Lond Lond
LUCY Emily Alice Dau C1874 Surr Surr
LUCY Emily Ann Wife C1851 Wilt Wilt
LUCEY Emily C. Dau C1876 Oxfo Oxfo
LUCY Emily J. Dau C1874 Here Worc
LUCY Emma Dau C1877 Esse Esse
LUCY Emma Dau C1874 Staf Staf
LUCY Emma Dau C1877 Staf Staf
LUCY Emma Dau C1853 Warw Staf
LUCY Emma Dau C1879 York York
LUCY Emma Dau C1879   Suff
LUCY Emma Vist C1840 Kent Lond
LUCIE Emma Wife C1857 Lond Lond
LUSEY Emma Wife C1842 Nott Surr
LUCY Enoch Son C1863 Staf Staf
LUCEY Esther Serv C1864 Lond Lond
LUCY Esther Wife C1817 Devo Kent
LUCY Ethel S. Dau C1880 Nham Nham
LUCY Eunice Moth C1833 Lond Surr
LUCY Evelyn M. Dau C1876 Glou Glou
LUCY Fanny Dau C1871 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Fanny Moth C1831 Surr Kent
LUCEY Fanny E. Dau C1870   Lond
LUCY Felix Head C1849 Staf Staf
LUCY Flora Wife C1843   Som
LUCY Florence Dau C1869 Glou Glou
LUSEY Florence Dau C1866 Surr Surr
LUCY ((KING)) Florence GDau C1862 Ches Ches
LUCY Florence (Twin) Sis C1871 Kent Kent
LUCY Florence Amy Dau C1879 Surr Surr
LUCEY Florence C.H. Dau C1860 Kent Kent
LUCY Florence Dora Dau C1878 Glou Glou
LUCY Florence Louisa Dau C1877 Kent Kent
LUCEY Frances E. Dau C1875 Lond Lond
LUCY Francis Son C1872 Engl ChaI
LUCEY Francis E. Son C1878 Oxfo Oxfo
LUCY Francis W. Son C1864 Hert Glou
LUCY Frank Bord C1861 York Lanc
LUCEY Frank Vist C1848 Surr Surr
LUCY Fred Vist C1863 Surr Surr
LUCY Fred W. Son C1880 Lond Lond
LUCY Frederick Head C1834 Esse Surr
LUCY Frederick Head C1835 Wilt Lond
LUCY Frederick Son C1880 Esse Esse
LUCY Frederick Son C1873 Glou Som
LUCEY Frederick C. Son C1863 Devo Lond
LUCY Frederick John Son C1878 Kent Kent
LUCY Frederick P. Head C1820 Worc Ches
LUCEY Fredk. S. Son C1865 Surr Surr
LUCEY Fredrick Son C1878   Staf
LUCY Fredrick C. Head C1844 Worc Surr
LUCY G.R. Niec C1877   Surr
LUCY Geo. W. Son C1867 Surr Surr
LUCY Geoffery S. Son C1880 Glou Glou
LUCY George Bord C1865   Kent
LUCY George Head C1813 Esse Esse
LUCY George Head C1840 Esse Lond
LUCEY George Head C1840 Glou Surr
LUCY George Head C1838 Lanc Lanc
LUCY George Head C1842 Lond Lond
LUCY George Head C1847 Lond Lond
LUCEY George Head C1821 Surr Lond
LUCEY George Inmt C1839 Lanc Kent
LUCY George Pris C1849 Lanc Lanc
LUCY George Son C1865 Esse Esse
LUCY George Son C1875 Esse Esse
LUCY George Son C1873 Glou Glou
LUCY George Son C1879 Glou Som
LUCY George Son C1872 Lond Lond
LUCY George Son C1876 Lond Lond
LUCY George Son C1870 Nham Nham
LUCY George Alfred Son C1865 Esse Surr
LUCY George E. Son C1877 Worc Worc
LUCY George H. Head C1850 Esse Lond
LUCEY George H.B. Adop Chl C1870 Worc Warw
LUCY George Her. Son C1870 Lanc Lanc
LUCY George J. Son C1875 Lond Lond
LUCEY George W. Son C1865 Lond Surr
LUCY George W. Son C1860 Worc Worc
LUCY Gertrude Dau C1881 Lond Lond
LUCY Gertrude A. Bord C1866 Glou Som
LUCY Gertrude Alice Dau C1865 Surr Surr
LUCY Gertrude P. Dau C1875 Worc Worc
LUCY Grace Sis C1861 Warw Pemb
LUCY Grace E. Dau C1880 Surr Surr
LUCY H. Son C1861 Lond Lond
LUCY H.M. Niec C1869 Glou Surr
LUCY Hannah Bord C1833 Wilt Glou
LUCY Hannah Dau C1866 Lond Lond
LUCY Hannah Moth C1843 Lond Glou
LUCY Hannah Wife C1828 Irel Surr
LUCY Hannah C. Wife C1850 Worc Worc
LUSEY Hannah L. Serv C1849 Lond Lond
LUCY Hannah M. Head C1844 Irel Lanc
LUCEY Hanorah Head C1816 Irel Kent
LUCY Har Son C1869 Kent Esse
LUCY Harr. Lodg C1865 Lanc Lanc
LUCEY Harriet Dau C1862   Nott
LUCY Harriet D. Vist C1872 Ches Staf
LUCY Harriett Dau C1844 Leic Nott
LUCY Harriett Wife C1858 Surr Esse
LUCY Harry Cous C1861 Nham Nham
LUCY Harry Son C1881 Kent Kent
LUCEY Heber Son C1876 Leic Leic
LUCY Helen Head C1844 Lond Surr
LUCY Helen Head C1842   Lond
LUCIE Helen Serv C1812 Irel Monm
LUCEY Helen M. Dau C1861 Kent Kent
LUCY Helena Dau C1870 Glou Glou
LUCEY Hennery W. Son C1864 Lond Lond
LUCEY Hennry Son C1877   Lond
LUCY Henrietta S. Dau C1879 Malt Devo
LUCIE Henritta Lodg C1810 Glou Glou
LUCY Henry Head C1833 Irel Lana
LUCY Henry Head C1839 Lond Lond
LUSEY Henry Head C1838 Surr Surr
LUCY Henry Head C1846   Surr
LUCEY Henry Son C1869   Surr
LUCY Henry Son C1870   Suff
LUCY Henry B. Son C1869 Lond Lond
LUCY Henry C. Head C1837 Warw Warw
LUCY Henry Spencer Head C1831 Warw Warw
LUCY Herbert Dau     Lanc
LUCEY Herbert Son C1859 Surr Surr
LUCY Herbert P. Head C1846 Lond Lanc
LUCY Herbert Wm. Son C1874 Kent Kent
LUCY Hester Lodg C1811 Lanc Ches
LUCY Honora Wife C1841 Irel Lond
LUCY Hugh Head C1829 Nham Nham
LUCY Hugh Son C1872 Nham Nham
LUCY Hy. Head C1831 Lond Lond
LUCY Ida B. Bord C1866 Worc Glou
LUCY Isabella Wife C1850 Surr Surr
LUCY James Bord C1847 Irel Lanc
LUCIE James Bro C1864 Lond Lond
LUCEY James Fath C1811 Lond Lond
LUCEY James Head C1837 Devo Lond
LUCY James Head C1844 Here Lond
LUCY James Head C1847 Here Nham
LUCEY James Head C1841 Irel Lanc
LUCY James Head C1852 Lond Lond
LUCY James Head C1832   Suff
LUCY OR SUCY James Head C1855   Glou
LUCY James Head Lodg C1830 Som Lond
LUCY James Lodg C1841 Devo Devo
LUCY James Serv C1853 Staf Staf
LUCY James Son C1878 EaIn Lanc
LUCY James Son C1875 Glou Glou
LUCY James Son C1865 Here Here
LUCY James Son C1872 Lond Lond
LUCY James Son C1877 Lond Glam
LUCIE James Son C1877 Lond Lond
LUCY James Son C1872 Staf Staf
LUCY James Son C1866 Surr Surr
LUCY James Son C1868   Suff
LUCY James Crisp Head C1852 Nham Nham
LUCEY James D. Son C1879 Hamp Hamp
LUCY James F. Vist C1827 Kent Kent
LUCY James Ford Head C1849 Monm Lond
LUCY James G. Son C1872 Here Worc
LUCEY James Hy. Son C1868 Lond Lond
LUCEY James J. Head C1836 Lond Lond
LUCY James S. S. Son C1874 Lond Lond
LUCEY James T. Son C1858 Lond Lond
LUCY James W. GSon C1862 Kent Kent
LUCY Jane Dau C1869 Engl ChaI
LUCY Jane Dau C1878 Staf Staf
LUCY Jane GNiec C1870 Corn Corn
LUCIE Jane Head C1841 Lond Lond
LUCY Jane Head C1824 Surr Surr
LUCY Jane Head C1830 Warw Warw
LUCY Jane Serv C1848 Berk Lond
LUCY Jane Serv C1837 Lond Surr
LUCY Jane Serv C1861 Nthu Nthu
LUCY Jane Wife C1834 Here York
LUCY Jane Wife C1851 Staf Staf
LUCY Jane Wife C1837 Worc Worc
LUCEY Jane Matilda Head C1839   Surr
LUCY Jennie G. Dau C1880 Worc Worc
LUCY Jenny Wife C1840 Ches Lanc
LUCEY Jeremiah Bro C1854 Irel Lond
LUCY Jeremiah Head C1832   Glou
LUCY Jeremiah Son C1875   Glou
LUCY Jerry Son C1867 Lond Lond
LUCY Jessie Wife C1851 IMan Warw
LUCY OR SUCY Johanna Dau C1880   Glou
LUCY Johanna Wife C1842 Surr Surr
LUCY OR SUCY Johanna Wife C1858   Glou
LUCY John Bord C1860 Irel Lond
LUCY John Head C1818 Devo Kent
LUCY John Head C1831 Here Here
LUCY John Head C1825 Irel Surr
LUCY John Head C1841 Irel Lanc
LUCY John Head C1849 Irel Lanc
LUCEY John Head C1850 Leic Leic
LUCY John Head C1834 Lond Surr
LUCEY John Head C1845 Lond Lond
LUCY John Head C1851 Lond Lond
LUCEY John Head C1849 Monm Staf
LUCY John Head C1832 Nham Worc
LUCY John Head C1848 Worc Glou
LUCY John Head C1841   Warw
LUCEY John Inmt C1872 Lanc Lanc
LUCY John Neph C1865 Surr Kent
LUCY John Serv C1858 Lond Lanc
LUCY John Son C1863 Glam Glam
LUCY John Son C1876 Glam Glam
LUCY John Son C1865 Lanc Lanc
LUCY John Son C1880 Lanc Lanc
LUCY John Son C1864 Nham Nham
LUCY John Son C1880 SAfr Lanc
LUCY John Son C1832 Surr Surr
LUCEY John Son C1865   Lond
LUCY John Son C1867   Som
LUCY John Son C1876   Suff
LUCY John A. Son C1863 Here Worc
LUCIE John C. Head C1855 Lond Lond
LUCIE John C. Son C1880 Lond Lond
LUCY John G. Son C1879 Lond Lond
LUCEY John H. Son C1872 Leic Leic
LUCY John J. Son C1866 Lond Lond
LUCY John Puckmore Son C1876 Glou Glou
LUCEY Joseph Bord C1867 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Joseph Head C1809 Esse Esse
LUCY Joseph Head C1837 Esse Lond
LUCEY Joseph Head C1826 Surr Surr
LUCY Joseph Serv C1859 Irel Lond
LUCY Joseph Son C1865 Here Worc
LUCY Joseph Son C1880 Lanc Lanc
LUCEY Joseph Son C1853 Lond Surr
LUCY Joseph Son C1866 Lond Lond
LUCEY Joseph Son C1869   Lond
LUCY Joseph Son C1879   Lanc
LUCY Joseph W. Son C1861 Esse Lond
LUCY Joyce A. Dau C1872 Warw Warw
LUCY Joyce Eliza Hazell Dau C1862 Surr Surr
LUCY Julia Serv C1861 Irel Nott
LUCY Julia E. Serv C1864 Lond Lond
LUCEY Kate Dau C1874 Kent Kent
LUCY Kate Dau C1871 Lond Lond
LUCEY Kate   C1841 Norf Kent
LUCY Kate C. StDau C1861 Buck Glou
LUCY Katherine Dau C1869 Surr Surr
LUCY Kathleen Head C1849 Warw Pemb
LUCY Leonard Son C1877 Surr Surr
LUCY Lillian Dau C1878 Glou Glou
LUCY ((KING)) Lillie GDau C1860 Lanc Ches
LUCY Lionel Herbert Son C1875 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Louisa Bord C1858 Glou Here
LUCEY Louisa Dau C1875 York Lanc
LUCY Louisa Wife C1850 Kent Lond
LUCY Louisa Wife C1824 Worc Worc
LUCY Louisa J. Dau C1870 Lond Lond
LUCY Louise J. Dau C1877 Lond Lond
LUCEY Lucy Wife C1845 Leic Leic
LUCY Lucy E. Head C1813 Hamp Suss
LUCY Lydia Wife C1838 Wilt Wilt
LUCY M. Wife C1833 Lond Lond
LUCY M.Laura Wife C1847 Lanc Warw
LUCY Mabel Cous C1878 Warw Warw
LUCY Mabel Dau C1880   Glou
LUCY Mabel Sis C1873 Warw Pemb
LUCEY Maggie Dau C1873 Monm Staf
LUCY ((KING)) Maggie GDau C1864 Ches Ches
LUCY Margaret Dau C1876 EaIn Lanc
LUCY Margaret Dau C1864 Lana Lana
LUCY Margaret Dau C1873 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Margaret Dau C1868 Som Surr
LUCY Margaret Dau C1871 Surr Surr
LUCY Margaret Dau C1879   Glou
LUCY Margaret Serv C1834 Irel Warw
LUCY Margaret Wife C1843 Irel Surr
LUCY Margaret Wife C1831 Lana Lana
LUCY Margaret Elizh. Dau C1877 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Margaret J. Dau C1861 Ches Ches
LUCY Margaret Jane Wife C1850 Irel Lanc
LUCY Margaret Jane Wife C1851 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Margt. Dau C1867   Lanc
LUCY ((KING)) Maria Dau C1837 Lond Ches
LUCY Maria Dau C1874 Lond Lond
LUCY Maria Dau C1865 Worc Worc
LUCEY Maria Serv C1853 Indi Lond
LUCY Maria Vist C1831 Glou Glou
LUCY Maria Wife C1841 Irel Lanc
LUCY Maria Wife C1843 Lond Lond
LUCY Maria Wife C1841 Shro Devo
LUCY Maria Wife C1834 Staf Staf
LUCY Maria J. Dau C1871 ChaI Devo
LUCY Marion Dau C1872 Som Surr
LUCEY Marry A. Dau C1874   Lond
LUCY Martha Dau C1874 Esse Esse
LUCY Martha Dau C1865 Lond Esse
LUCY Martin Lodg C1828 Worc Hert
LUCY Mary Dau C1869 Kent Kent
LUCY Mary Dau C1860 Lanc Warw
LUCY Mary Dau C1865 Lond Lond
LUCY Mary Head C1828 Esse Esse
LUCY Mary Head C1821 Irel Glou
LUCY Mary Head C1839 Irel Lond
LUCY Mary Lodg C1826 Irel Lond
LUCY Mary Paup Inmt C1824 Irel Lond
LUCY Mary Sclr C1868   Kent
LUCY Mary Serv C1866 Here Glou
LUCEY Mary Serv C1836 Irel Hamp
LUCY Mary Serv C1856 Irel Rutl
LUCEY Mary Serv C1862 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Mary Serv C1837 York Lanc
LUCY Mary Sis C1857 Esse Kent
LUCY Mary Sis C1846 Lond Surr
LUCY Mary SisL C1862 Irel Lanc
LUCEY Mary SisL C1851 Surr Surr
LUCY Mary SisL C1824 Warw Worc
LUCY Mary Wife C1848 Berk Kent
LUCY Mary Wife C1853 Engl ChaI
LUCY Mary Wife C1839 Hamp Lond
LUCY Mary Wife C1833 Irel Lond
LUCY Mary Wife C1851 Irel Lanc
LUCY Mary Wife C1843 Leic York
LUCY Mary Wife C1844 Som Lond
LUCY Mary Wife C1842 Wilt Lond
LUCY Mary Wife C1849   Glou
LUCY Mary A. Dau C1858 Kent Devo
LUCY Mary A. Dau C1868 Lond Lond
LUCEY Mary A. Dau C1860   Nott
LUCY Mary A. Serv C1858 Lond Lond
LUCEY Mary A. Wife C1843 Glou Surr
LUCY Mary A. Wife C1811 Surr Lond
LUCY Mary A. Wife C1805 Warw Staf
LUCEY Mary A.G. Dau C1874 Oxfo Oxfo
LUCY Mary Ann Dau C1877   Glou
LUCY Mary Ann Head C1827 Worc Lond
LUCY OR ADAMS Mary Ann Head C1823   Aber
LUCY Mary Ann Head Vist C1827 Glou Glou
LUCY Mary Anne Bord C1849 Here Here
LUCY Mary E. Dau C1864 Lond Lond
LUCEY Mary E. Hskp C1857 York York
LUCY Mary E. Moth C1804 Denb Warw
LUCY Mary Eliz. Wife C1847 Surr Surr
LUCY Mary Ellen Dau C1874 Glam Glam
LUCY Mary F. Dau C1857 Warw Warw
LUCY Mary J. Dau C1871 Worc Worc
LUCY Mary J. Niec C1845   Surr
LUCY Mary Jane Serv C1859 Here Lanc
LUCY Mary K. Dau C1878 Lond Lond
LUCEY Mary M. Wife C1840 Devo Lond
LUCEY Mary S. Dau C1873 Lond Lond
LUCY Mathew Head C1851 Irel Glam
LUCEY Maud A. Dau C1880   Staf
LUCY Maud C. Dau C1875 Glou Glou
DE LUCEY Maud M. Dau C1878 Lanc Lanc
LUCY May Dau C1874 Som Surr
LUCY Meliscent Wife C1840 Corn Here
LUCY Meliscent T. Dau C1880 Here Here
LUCEY Mervyn Bord C1848 Irel Nthu
LUCY Michael Fath C1809 Irel Kent
LUCEY Michael Head C1854 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Michael Inmt C1867 Lond Lond
LUCY Michael Son C1851 Irel Glou
LUCY Millicent Dau C1873 Lanc Lanc
LUCEY Minnie Dau C1873 Leic Leic
LUCY Minnie Niec C1869 Surr Flin
LUCY Minnie Serv C1868 Kent Kent
LUCY Minnie Ethel Dau C1880 Surr Surr
LUCY Minnie R. Dau C1880 Nham Nham
LUCY Mitchell Head Lodg C1831 Irel Glou
LUCY Montagu   C1869 Surr Buck
LUCY Muriel Violet Dau C1878 Wilt Wilt
LUCY Nellie Serv C1865 Lond Lond
LUCY Nora J. Dau C1867 Warw Warw
LUCIE Norah Serv C1857 Lond Lond
LUCY Olive Dau C1875 Glou Som
LUCY Olivia J. Dau C1877 Surr Surr
LUCY Olivia J. Wife C1846 Scot Surr
LUCY Pat Ptnt C1847 Irel Lond
LUCY Patrick Bord C1841 Irel Glou
LUCY Patrick Head C1823 Irel Monm
LUCEY Patrick Inmt C1869 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Penelope J. Head C1840 Worc Worc
LUCY Percy C. Son C1877 Surr Surr
LUCY Peter Inmt C1872 Lanc Lanc
LUCEY Phillip Son C1870 Lanc Lanc
LUCEY Phillip Josp. Head C1854 Surr Surr
LUCY Prudence Wife C1836 Nham Nham
LUCY R.Henry Head C1852 Lond Lond
LUCY Rebecca Wife C1858 Shro Glam
LUCEY Rebecca Wife C1820   Lond
LUCY Reginald H. Son C1863 Worc Worc
LUCY Reginald S. Son C1880 Lond Warw
LUCY Richard Head C1791   Lond
LUCY Richard Son C1880 Nham Nham
DE LUCEY Richard Son C1876 Scot Lanc
LUCY Richard A. Head C1841 Wilt Wilt
LUCY Robert Head C1829 Here Worc
LUCY Robert Head C1839 Lond Lond
LUCEY Robert Sclr C1873 Surr Lond
LUCY Robert Serv C1817 Suff Suff
LUCY Robert Son C1875 Here Here
LUCY Robert Son C1879 Lond Lond
LUCEY Robert Son C1867   Lond
LUCEY Robert Grey Son C1865   Surr
LUCEY Roger M. Son C1872 Oxfo Oxfo
LUCY Rosa Head C1835 Devo Ches
LUCY Rosa E. Serv C1850 Lond Buck
LUCY Rosamond Dau C1879 Surr Surr
LUCY Rowland Son C1872 Lond Lond
LUCY Samuel Head C1839 Here Here
LUCY Samuel Serv C1846 Surr Lond
LUCY Samuel Son C1862 Here York
LUCY Sarah Dau C1870 Here Here
LUCEY Sarah Dau C1831 Surr Surr
LUCY Sarah Dau C1869 Worc Worc
LUCEY Sarah Dau C1873   Lond
LUCY Sarah Dau C1874   Suff
LUCY Sarah Lodg C1860 Lond Suss
LUCY Sarah Serv C1843 Kent Kent
LUCY Sarah Sis C1846 Irel Lanc
LUCEY Sarah Wife C1840 Kent Lond
LUCEY Sarah Wife C1831 Lond Surr
LUCY Sarah Wife C1853 Oxfo Nham
LUCY Sarah Wife C1858 Surr Lond
LUCEY Sarah Wife C1845   Lond
LUCY Sarah A. Bord C1859 Lanc Lanc
LUCY Sarah A. Dau C1859 Esse Lond
LUCY Sarah A. Dau C1867 Here Worc
LUCY Sarah A. Wife C1853 Hunt Nham
LUCEY Sarah A. Wife C1830 Nott Kent
LUCY Sarah A. Wife C1857 Worc Worc
LUCY Sarah Ann Serv C1863   Glam
LUCY Sarah F.? Wife C1843 Worc Worc
LUCY Sarah Hannah Serv C1862 Lanc Lanc
LUCEY Sarah J. Head Lodg C1862 Hamp Hamp
LUSEY Sarah T. Serv C1864 Lond Lond
LUCY Selina Dau C1871 Lond Lond
LUCY Sidney Herbert Sclr C1869 Glou Surr
LUCEY Sophia Dau C1868   Lond
LUCY Sophia Nurs C1818 Esse Surr
LUCEY Stanley Niec C1855 Lond Lond
LUCY Sue Wife C1852 Lond Lond
LUCY Susan A. Dau C1871 Lond Lond
LUCY Sybil M. Dau C1868 Warw Warw
LUCY Sydney J. Son C1878 Surr Surr
LUCY Sylvester Vist C1829 Linc Nott
LUCEY Teresa Dau C1868   Nott
LUCY Thomas Head C1818 Esse Esse
LUCY Thomas Head C1846 Glou Glou
LUCY Thomas Head C1842 Here Worc
LUCY Thomas Head C1852 Kent Esse
LUCY Thomas Head C1859 Nham Nham
LUCEY Thomas Head C1828   Nott
LUCY Thomas Head C1851   Lond
LUCY Thomas Serv C1866 Lond Lond
LUCY Thomas Son C1868 Here Here
LUCY Thomas Son C1880 Kent Kent
LUCEY Thomas Son C1875 Leic Leic
LUCEY Thomas Son C1865   Nott
LUCY Thomas Son Head C1853 Lond Surr
LUCEY Thomas Vist C1812 Lond Surr
LUCY Thomas C. Head C1857 Worc Worc
LUCY Thomas E. Head C1833   Worc
LUCY Thomas H. Son C1860 Lond Lond
LUCY Thomas Henry Son C1879 Glou Glou
LUCY Thomas J. Son C1861 Worc Worc
LUCY Thomas M. GSon C1872 Corn Corn
LUCY Thomas W. Head C1839 Surr Lond
LUCY Thorston Hazell Son C1867 Surr Surr
LUCY Thos. Bord C1864 Engl Lanc
LUCY Thos. Alfred Son C1872 Surr Surr
LUCY Thos. W. Son C1863 Lanc Warw
LUCY Thos.A. Son C1873 Surr Lond
LUCEY Timothy Inmt C1838 Irel Lanc
LUCY Timothy J. Son C1860 Lond Surr
LUCIE Virginie Gvns C1858 Ital Som
LUCY W.F. Fath C1811 Staf Surr
LUCEY Walter Son C1878 Leic Leic
LUCY Walter Son C1879 Lond Lond
LUCY Walter Son C1875 Nham Nham
LUCY Walter Son C1880 Staf Staf
LUCY Walter Son C1868 Surr Surr
LUCY Walter A. Son C1852 Glou Glou
LUCY Walter Charles Son C1875 Kent Kent
LUCY Walter F. Head C1854 Surr Surr
LUCY Walter F. Son C1880 Hamp Lond
LUCEY Will. R. Son C1872 Lond Lond
LUCY William Bord C1816 Worc Warw
LUCY William Head C1843 Esse Esse
LUCY William Head C1831 Here Staf
LUCY William Head C1839 Irel Here
LUCY William Head C1841 Irel Kirk
LUCY William Head C1842 Irel Glou
LUCY William Head C1840 Kent Lond
LUCY William Head C1839 Lond Lond
LUCY William Head C1827 Nham Nham
LUCEY William Head C1814 Surr Surr
LUCY William Head C1805 Warw Staf
LUCY William Head C1827 Wilt Lond
LUCY William Head C1851   York
LUCEY William Inmt C1874 Lanc Lanc
LUCY William Inmt C1814   Glou
LUCY William Inmt C1870   Kent
LUCY William Lodg C1818 Esse Linc
LUCY William Lodg C1834 Lond Lond
LUCY William Lodg C1849 Worc Worc
LUCY William Son C1848 Esse Esse
LUCY William Son C1864 Esse Surr
LUCY William Son C1874 Esse Esse
LUCY William Son C1879 Esse Esse
LUCY William Son C1870 Here Here
LUCY William Son C1870 Here Worc
LUCY William Son C1867 Lanc Lanc
LUCY William Son C1859 Lond Esse
LUCY William Son C1862 Lond Lond
LUCY William Son C1876 Lond Lond
LUCY William Son C1880 Lond Lond
LUCY William Son C1859 Staf Staf
LUSEY William Son C1864 Surr Surr
LUCY William Son C1875 York Nham
LUCEY William   C1821 Lond Buck
LUCEY William A. Son C1880 Leic Leic
LUCY William A.L. Son C1876 Lond Lond
LUCY William C. Head C1842 Surr Lond
LUCY William C. Head C1823 Warw Glou
LUCY William C. Head C1848 Warw Glou
LUCY William C. Head C1856 Worc Glam
DE LUCEY William D. Head C1855 Astl Lanc
LUCY William G. Son C1870 Lond Lond
LUCY William H. Son C1879 York Lond
LUCY William T. Son C1859 Nham Nham
LUCY William Theodore   C1866   Surr
LUCY Winford Dau C1881   Glou
LUCY Wm. Head C1851 Buck Kent
LUCY Wm. Head C1821 Lond Lond
LUCY Wm. Edwd. Son C1870 Surr Surr
LUCY Wm. Jno. Head C1841 Lond Surr
LUCY Wm.H.W. Son C1880 Surr Surr
LUCY Y.F. Head C1843 Worc Surr
Source: LDS set of CDs, 1881 British Census and National Index.
Last updated: December, 1999