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1881 British Census
Luceys born in Ireland, living in England at time of census.

These are presented sorted by alphabetically by forename.

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Name Forename Position Date of Birth Census Location
LUCY Bridget Moth C1819 Kent
LUCY Bridget Lodg C1829 London
LUCY Catherine Paup Inmt C1813 London
LUCY Cathn. Head C1828 Devon
LUCY Cathrine M. Serv C1854 Kent
LUCY Charlotte Rdnt C1861 Kent
LUCY Cornelius Head C1843 Kent
LUCY Cornelius Head C1825 Lancashire
LUCY Cornelius Head C1827 London
LUCY Cornelius Head C1841 London
LUCY Cornelius   C1857 Navy
LUCY Daniel Head C1835 London
LUCEY Daniel Head C1853 London
LUCY Daniel Son C1858 London
LUCY Dennice Bord C1858 Kent
LUCY Eliza Head C1833 Lancashire
LUCEY Ellen Bord C1864 Cheshire
LUCY Ellen Wife C1853 Glamorgan
LUCY Ellen Inmt C1813 Kent
LUCY Ellen Wife C1841 Kent
LUCEY Ellen Wife C1833 Lancashire
LUCY Ellen Wife C1839 London
LUCY Ellen Wife C1828 Monmouth
LUCEY Ellie Sis C1862 London
LUCY Hannah Wife C1828 Surry
LUCY Hannah M. Head C1844 Lancashire
LUCEY Hanorah Head C1816 Kent
LUCIE Helen Serv C1812 Monmouth
LUCY Henry Head C1833 Lanark
LUCY Honora Wife C1841 London
LUCEY James Head C1841 Lancashire
LUCY James Bord C1847 Lancashire
LUCEY Jeremiah Bro C1854 London
LUCY John Head C1841 Lancashire
LUCY John Head C1849 Lancashire
LUCY John Bord C1860 London
LUCY John Head C1825 Surry
LUCY Joseph Serv C1859 London
LUCY Julia Serv C1861 Nottingham
LUCY Margaret Wife C1843 Surry
LUCY Margaret Serv C1834 Warwick
LUCY Margaret Jane Wife C1850 Lancashire
LUCY Maria Wife C1841 Lancashire
LUCY Mary Head C1821 Gloucester
LUCEY Mary Serv C1836 Hampshire
LUCY Mary Wife C1851 Lancashire
LUCY Mary SisL C1862 Lancashire
LUCY Mary Paup Inmt C1824 London
LUCY Mary Lodg C1826 London
LUCY Mary Wife C1833 London
LUCY Mary Head C1839 London
LUCY Mary Serv C1856 Rutland
LUCY Mathew Head C1851 Glamorgan
LUCEY Mervyn Bord C1848 Northumberland
LUCY Michael Son C1851 Gloucester
LUCY Michael Fath C1809 Kent
LUCY Mitchell Head Lodg C1831 Gloucester
LUCY Pat Ptnt C1847 London
LUCY Patrick Bord C1841 Gloucester
LUCY Patrick Head C1823 Monmouth
LUCY Sarah Sis C1846 Lancashire
LUCEY Timothy Inmt C1838 Lancashire
LUCY William Head C1842 Gloucester
LUCY William Head C1839 Here
LUCY William Head C1841 Kirk
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Source: LDS set of CDs, 1881 British Census and National Index.
Last updated: January, 2000