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1881 British Census

World Supplementary items, which may prove of interest if you already have other clues.

Luceys appearing in the International Genealogical Index, published by the LDS. As usual please remember to check original sources of **everything** for yourself.

Do you recognise any of the families / persons named below? please email me to complete more of the family puzzle.

Given Name  
Barbara LUCY F B Abt 1534 Stanway Cour
EDWARD LUCY M C 5-Aug 1798 St John Baptist
Elizabeth LUCY F   Abt 1587  
Elizabeth LUCY F B Abt 1783 Cornish Sull.
GEORGE Arnold LUCY M C 7-Jul 1793 St John Baptist
JOHN LUCY M C 6-Jul 1796 St John Baptist
Lady Maud (or Margaretta) LUCY F b   1098 Chester
MARY LUCY F C 15-Nov 1802 St John Baptist
Mary Jane LUCY F B 17-Mar 1821 <>12May 1862
Maud DE LUCY F M Abt 1194 Woodham Walter
Maude DE LUCY F B Abt 1247  
Richard LUCY M B Abt 1682  
Sarah LUCY F B Abt 1851 Cornish Sull.
Sione LUSA M   Misc:    
Susannah LUCY F B   1777 Cornish Sull.
THOMAS LUCY M C 2-Oct 1805 St John Baptist
WILLIAM LUCY M C 22-Jun 1791 St John Baptist

Source: LDS International Genealogical Index.
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