Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters


There's many a story to tell . . .

Masters, crew, a stowaway or two; passengers, cabin, saloon and steerage; births at sea, deaths at sea; deserters; vessels with one crew and one passenger and those with 70 crew and hundreds of passengers; simple single sail boats, barques, brigs, large steam ships; whaling voyages, regular coastal passenger trips, voyages from other Australian ports, London, San Francisco, China and other exotic ports - you will find them all here.

Follow these links to vessel, crew and passenger activity ...

The Shipping Gazette & Sydney Trade Journal shipping columns

The Auckland News and Southern Cross shipping columns

Mariners and fare-paying passengers into Sydney from Records NSW reels

Some Newcastle records from Records NSW reels

If you know the Vessel name you are seeking but not the date - try theIndex to Vessels Arrived into Sydney from 1837 to 1925

Genies Jottings - Lists and lists and more lists - some N.Z. / Australian shipping included.

Search facilities are available for each of the above areas, and I am working toward providing one search for all, as usual it is a matter of time :-)

Key to their journeys

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