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From: the New Zealander Tuesday 3rd May 1864

This magazine is recorded on microfilm and can be accessed at the Auckland City Library.


The following official list of killed and wounded has been furnished by Dr Mouatt, Inspector of the Hospital Department:-

HMS Curacoa

KILLED - Lt HILL, late of the Orpheus; James HARRIS, ord. Seaman

WOUNDED - Thomas TERRAM, O.S., hip, very severely; William FOX, O.S., left jaw, severely; Charles WREN, marine, lower jaw, severely; John WATSON, Q.S., left knee, very severely; Amos SMITH, O.S., groin, dangerously.

HMS Miranda


WOUNDED - Lt HAMMICK, R shoulder, very severely; John NOKES, boatswain's mate, L shoulder, very severely; M BRYAN, A.B., L leg, severely; James ENGLISH, captain of the maintop, L thigh, severely; Samuel RUSHVEN, A.B., L lung and fracture of L arm, very dangerously; George CHARMBOLD, L left, severely; Levi KEANE, L thigh, dangerously; George ALTON, RMA, L thigh, severely; Alexander McALISTER, A.B., arm, severely.


KILLED - Capt HAMILTON, head; William LEIGH, Stoker; R FULLER, O.S.; William DALTON, O.M.

WOUNDED - Lt DUFF, back, two places, very severely; Edward MARTIN, AB, R hip & loins, very severely; Thomas ROBERTS, AB, abdomen, dangerously; Alfred BOWDEN, AB, R heel, severely; James LAWRENCE, AB, scalp wound, severely; James KNIGHT, captain forecastle, very severely, R shoulder; Robert WARD, marine artillery, very severely, R thigh; William TOZER, bombardier, severely, L arm; R JEFFERY, AB, slightly, sprained leg; T DONNELLY, O.S., slightly, sprained leg; W ALLISON, dangerously, chest & thigh.

HMS Harrier

KILLED - Henry CLARK, boy; George YOUNG, AB; Andrew GREENBOW, stoker.

WOUNDED - Commander HAY, dangerously, abdomen, ball lodged; Alfred LOCKIE, AB, very severely, R elbow; James PULLETT, slightly, finger; Charles BURRETT, O.S., very slightly, L thigh; William BURCHILL, O.S., very severely, R hip.

HMS Eclipse


68th Regiment

KILLED - Sgt James HANNER, accidentally, chest.

WOUNDED - Privates John MOFFAT, very severely, R knee joint; William SLOANE, severely, shell, R foot; Edward O'NEILL, dangerously, L thigh; Daniel SWEENEY, very severely, shell, R knee; John LOGAN, very severely, R thigh & hand; Patrick McDONALD, dangerously, chest & L arm; William JOHNSON, severely, mouth & neck; William ASHTON, dangerously R elbow; Henry BLACK, slightly, R elbow; John PLATT, very severely, L chest & neck; James BYENTER, slightly, head; Hugh TONER, R forearm; John BAXTER; Wm WATSON, slightly, shell, R hand.

43rd Regiment:

KILLED - Capt Robert C GLOVER, head: Capt C R MUIR, tomahawk R axilla; Capt R T F HAMILTON, head; Capt Edwin UTTERTON, neck; Lieut C J LANDLANDS, chest; Sgt Major John VANCE, chest; Pvtes Phillip FITZGERALD, head; Charles LANE, L side chest; S HOLBRASH, chest; Henry GOFF, L side chest; S HORNBY, L breast; John BARDHURST, abdomen; Frederick TRAVERS, tomahawk, R head and shoulder; Robert PHELAN, head.

WOUNDED - Lt Col BOOTH, very dangerously, spine & R arm; Lt T G E GLOVER, severely, abdomen, not penetrating; Ensign William CLARK, severely, R arm; Ensign S P T NICHOLL, slightly, scalp; Sgt Edwin YOUNG, severely, L jaw; Sgt John HURLEY, very severely, R forearm and shoulder; Sgt Thomas COLLIER, very severely, L arm; Sgt John CAIN, slightly, R forearm; Corp Wm EVERETT, R shoulder; Pvtes William BRIDGMAN, very severely, both arms; John BRYANT, very severely, R shoulder; John NOBLE, severely, L shoulder; James WARBURTON, severely R side of face; Bugler Thomas WRIGHT, severely, L leg; Pvtes George CLARKE, severely, L shoulder; James CLARKE, slightly; John SIMMONDS, severely, L arm above elbow; John M'FARLANE, slightly, upper lip; John LIVESAY, very severely, R jaw & chin; Bernard CONROY, severely, L thigh; Michael CASEY, dangerously, R temple; William SARGEANT, very severely, R thigh; Martin WALSH, very severely, R shin; George ROBINS, very severely, scalp & R shoulder; Thomas MADDEN, very severely, chest; James AUDLEY, very severely, tomahawk, head.

14th Regiment

WOUNDED - Sgt William ARMSTRONG, severely, R thigh; Pvte William POWER, severely, both shoulders; Pvte John RUTH, slightly, L foot; Pvte Thomas BURDETT, severely, R shoulder.

65th Regiment

WOUNDED: Pvte HALLIWELL, severely, L nates (sic)?

12th Regiment

WOUNDED: Pvte Andrew MITCHELL, severely


Transcribed: January, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand


August, 2001