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From: The Auckland Weekly News

This magazine is recorded on microfilm and can be accessed at the Auckland City Library.

ANNETT Father, died 18 Dec 1913 at Kumeu, aged 76. [WN 17.12.1914]
BARTLETT Sister Minnie, died 26 May 1913 [AWN 27.05.1915]
BENNETT Iris Urina, died 05.09.1911, aged 15.4 yrs, Tirohanga, Opotiki [WN 17.09.1914
BERG John Christopher, died 12 March 1914 at Kawhia, father of Alice. [AWN 11.03.1915]
Harry, died 2 March 1913, Whangarei Hospital. [AWN 11.03.1915]
BOYD Mother, 15 May 1914 (Ins. by dau. A Hastie) [AWN 20.05.1915]
BRUNTON 12 Oct 1914, Waihi Hospital, Harriet, widow of late Robert Brunton of Wade, 72nd yr. [WN 15.10.1914]

CADMAN Died 12 Dec 1913, m/o son & d.i.l, Alf & Zylpha. [WN 03.12.1914]
COSTELLO Bridget Costello died 12 Nov 1913 at Te Pu, Rotorua, aged 56. From daus. Jennie DUNN, Bridget & Nellie. [WN 12.11.1914]
CRULLER Mother, died Kaeo 22 Nov 1913 (dau & s.i.l, Enid & Bart Elliott, Mangonui) [WN 17.12.1914]
CUFF Joshua Cuff, solicitor, Matata, Bay of Plenty, died 12 Dec 1908, f/o Louisa McKENZIE.[WN 03.12.1914]
DALE sister/daughter Mary Ann, died 13.09.1908, sisters G RAYNER & E MONTGOMERY; parents George & Sarah PRATT, Pakiri. [WN 10.09.1914]
DENNIS Isabel, died 24 Jan 1914, d/o C H Dennis, Parua Bay. [AWN 04.02.1915]
DICKENSON A Dickenson, died 1 Feb 1914. (Ins. by dau & son, Grace & James WARE, Opua) [AWN 04.02.1915]
ELLIOTT Julia, died at Rukuhia, Hamilton, 16 Jan 1908, sister of Jeannie D Elliott. [WN 19.11.1914]
FERGUSON Grace Muriel, died 14 Feb 1913, aged 15 yrs, youngest child of Tom & Emily Ferguson, Tekorua, Penrose. [AWN 18.02.1915] 
FORD Wilfred Thomas, eldest s/o George & Annie Ford, acc. Drowned at Ohakune, 04.10.1913. [WN 08.10.1914]
FOX Acc. Killed at Otorohanga, 26 Feb 1913, brother of Ella Fox. . [AWN 25 Feb 1915]
FREEMAN Mary Ann, died 14 May 1912 at Horopito, w/o J S Freeman & m/o M Blucher. [AWN 13.05.1915]
GARDNER Lizzy, died 3 March 1913, h/o Joan. [AWN 04.03.1915]
Father, died at Stratford 8 Dec 1912, aged 68. Daus. E E Larsen, Otewa, and B E Metcalfe, Hamilton. [WN 03.12.1914]

GILES Nellie, died 4 Jan 1913, sister of Charlotte. [AWN 07.01.1915]
GOLDSMITH Charlie, acc. killed, Owens Road, Epsom, 09.10.1911, brother & brother in law M A & J F
Louis 'our little son' died 31 March 1913 (Ins. by H & M Greenwood) [AWN 15.04.1915]
HAILEY Elizabeth Hailey, lost in the sinking of the CPR s.s. Empress of Ireland, Gulf of St Laurence, 29 May 1914. (Ins. by son, A P Hailey, Gisborne) [AWN 27.05.1915
HALLIDAY Mother, 13 March 1914, m/o Myrtle & Florrie. [AWN 11.03.1915]
HAM Pvte W A Ham, Motueka, Nelson, fatally wounded in the Suez Canal engagement 3 Feb 1915, first of the NZEF to be killed in action. [AWN 18.02.1915] Photo p.44
HARNETT H/o Louisa, died 7 Jan 1914. [AWN 07.01.1915]
HARVEY James Lawrence Kilgour, acc. Burned, Omanawa Falls, Tauranga, 26th Feb 1912, aged 1yr 7mths. . [AWN 25 Feb 1915]
HEARN William Hearn, died Whangarei 16 Feb 1914, h/o Annie Elizabeth Hearn. [AWN 18.02.1915]
HORSMAN Wife/mother, Ann Horsman, died 12.10.1913 at Mt Albert. [WN 15.10.1914]
18 May 1908 at Coromandel, mother of Sara. [AWN 13.05.1915]
HOWE William Francis Howe, died 21 April 19813 at Hokitika. . [AWN 22.04.1915]
& family. [WN 08.10.1914]

HOWE William Francis Howe, died 21 April 19813 at Hokitika. . [AWN 22.04.1915]
IVICEVICH Anthony (Tony), died 10 April 1913, h/o Mary Ann Ivicevich. [AWN 15.04.1915]
JACOBS Fanny, died Riverhead 20 May 1914, w/o Thomas Jacobs. [AWN 20.05.1915]
Mary, died 3 April 1914. [AWN 01.04.1915]

JENNINGS William, h/o Violet Ethel, acc. Drowned at Pakiri 13 Dec 1913. [WN 03.12.1914]
KEALS 10 Feb 1915, Auckland Hospital, Edith Emma, w/o Leslie W Keals, Onewhero & d/o Mr & Mrs George Eyre, Paterangi, aged 30. (Brother in law charged with murdering Edith & her baby son) [AWN 18.02.1915]
KENNARD Charlotte, died 13 Nov 1907, Linton nr Palmerston North, w/o John Kennard, aged 65. S/o H Rodgers, Auckland. [WN 12.11.1914]
KENWORTHY Mother, died 8 Feb 1914 (Ins. by dau & s.i.l, S A G A HODGE) [AWN 11.02.1915]
KIRBY Edward Valentine Kirby, died Auckland Hospital, 27 Jan 1912. (Ins. by mother)[AWN 28.01.1915]
KNOWLES Seaman William Edward KNOWLES, Lyttelton, HMS Philomel of the NZ Squadron, Killed in action. [AWN 18.02.1915] 
LAFFOLEY 5 Oct 1914, Tryphena, Great Barrier, John Laffoley, late of Jersey, 93 yrs. Jersey Papers please copy. [WN 15.10.1914]
LORD Weston George, died 15 Nov 1911. [WN 19.11.1914]
LOW John, died Marua, 25 March 1914 (W & Z Low) [AWN 01.04.1915]
MACKY, Mr S C Macky, a very well known & highly respected resident of Auckland, Mr Samuel Cochrane Macky, passed away at the Auckland Hospital on Monday, after an illness Extending over a month. The late Mr Macky was the eldest son of the late Rev John Macky, Presbyterian minister at Otahuhu, and the first Moderator of the Presbyterian General Assembly, who came to NZ in 1854. Mr Macky was born in Londonderry, Ireland, in 1844, was educated in NZ and in 1859 was sent to Victoria to study farming. Returning to NZ two years later, he was engaged in farming at East Tamaki until 1873, when he sold his holding and became interested in mining at the Thames. As the result of a severe illness, he had to give up active participation in mining matters and accepted the appointment of collector for the Thames County Council. Mr Mackay (sic) was business manager for the Thames Advertiser for some years, after which he received an engagement as traveller for the firm of Messrs Ehrenfried Brothers. Mr Macky was legal manager for a number of gold mining companies and he floated the Victoria Gold Mining Company. [WN 05.11.1914] 
McGUIRE Thomas McGuire, died 16 Nov 1913, father & f.i.l/o T T & l Bushby. [WN 26.11.1914]
McINTYRE Nathaniel, died Morere 21 Jan 1913 (wife & dau. C & D McIntyre) [AWN 21.01.1915]
McKENZIE Hugh, journalist, died Perth, West Aus, 8 Dec 1913; h/o Louisa McKENZIE [WN 03.12.1914]
MOLOUGHNEY ILMO Patrick Moloughney, 30 Aug 1909. Inserted by wife & family. [WN 03.09.1914]
MORETON Seaman John Thomas Moreton, Christchurch, HMS Philomel, died of wounds. [AWN 18.02.1915]
NEIL 27 Feb 1914, h/o Mary, Matakohe. [AWN 04.03.1915]
PEARSON 28 Nov 1910, dau. A Lord. [WN 19.11.1914]
PHILLIPS Minnie, died 24 March 1914 [AWN 01.04.1915]
RADFORD James Walter Radford, died 17.10.1902, late of Commercial Road, Arch Hill, Auckland, f/o dau. Jeannie & son Percy, Brooklyn Road, Carterton. [WN 22.10.1914]
REA Father, 30 Dec 1912 (d. & s.i.l., E & D Morrow, Matamata) [WN 31.12.1914]
ROBINSON Henry Lyman, died 10.09.1911, h/o K Robinson. [WN 10.09.1914]
ROUSE Son Tom, acc. Killed in Mercury Bay, 25.10.1913. [WN 22.10.1914]
RUDD Mother, 11 May 1914. [AWN 13.05.1915]
SIMPSON Gilbert, died 17 Jan 1914, h/o Nellie, Waimamaku, Hokianga. [AWN 21.01.1915]

SMEATH John, acc. Killed Manorburn Dam, Otago, 26 Jan 1914. (Ins. by son & d.i.l., A & W Johnson). [AWN 28.01.1915]
SMITH David Smith, died Mt Albert, 3 March 1914, late of Wharehine. (Ins. by F D & J Smith) [[AWN 04.03.1915]
SMITH David, died 3 March 1914, Mt Albert, husband & father, C H Smith. [AWN 11.03.1915]

Bertie, acc. killed 24 Dec 1913 (parents A & E Strongman) [WN 31.12.1914]

WEBB Surgeon Lieut E J H WEBB of Dunedin, NZEF, died from injuries acc. Received en route to Europe. [WN 03.12.1914]
WENZLICK Gregory John, died 26 April 1914, h/o Mary, Tapu, Thames. [AWN 29.04.1915]

Every care possible has been taken with these records but, as usual, remember to check original sources of **everything** for yourself.

Transcribed: January, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand


March, 2001