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Births 1845 ish

From: The Southern Cross Newspaper

This magazine is recorded on microfilm and can be accessed at the Auckland City Library.

ASHER On the 9th inst, the wife of Mr Asher, of a son. [SX 10 Dec 1852]
APPLEWHAITE At his residence, Hobson-street, on 24th May 1852, Mr J L Applewhaite (sic), of a son. [SX 1 June 1852]
BOURKE At Princes-street, Auckland, on the 1st inst, Peter Bourke Esq, of a daughter. [SX 3 Aug 1852]
BROWN At his residence, Shortland-street, on 14th December 1852, the wife of Mr Samuel Brown, of a son. [SX 17 Dec 1852]
CLEGHORN On the 2nd inst, the lady of Mr Thomas D Cleghorn, Jnr, of Tamiki, of a son. [SX 15 Feb 1850]
COATES On Wed. 20 March 1844 at Rosebank near Auckland, the lady of James Coates Esq, of a daughter. [SX 23 March 1844]

COMMONS On Tuesday 10th inst, at OíConnell-street, Mrs John Commons, of a son. [SX 11 Jan 1850]

CORNER On Sunday the 16th inst., the lady of Dr Corner, of a daughter. [SX 18 Dec 1849]

DAVIS On Tuesday the 2nd inst., the lady of Charles Davis, of a son. [SX 5 Oct 1849]

FURLEY On Sunday last at Epsom, wife of Mr Samuel Furley, of a daughter. [SX 8 Jan 1850]

GARDINER On the 18th inst, Mrs Gardiner, Shortland Crescent, of a son. [SX 23 Nov 1844]

GARDINER At Taranaki, 11th November 1850, the wife of Robert Barlow Gardiner, of a daughter. [SX 17 Dec 1850]

GORRIE On Monday 17th inst, Mrs W Gorrie, Shortland-street, of a son. [SX 21 Dec 1849]

GRAHAM At No.14, Adelaide Sq, Windsor, on 7th October last, the wife of Mr George Graham, R.E., of a son. [SX 26 March 1850]

GRAHAME On the 27th inst, the lady of W S Grahame Esq, of a daughter. [SX 29 Nov 1850]

GRAHAME On the 7th inst, the lady of W S Grahame Esq, of a daughter. [SX 10 Dec 1852]

HALES On the 12th inst, the wife of Mr John Hales, of a daughter. [WX 29 Oct 1850]

HANSARD On Thursday 25th inst, Mrs Hansard of a son. [SX 26 March 1852]

HARDY At Auckland, 26th inst, the lady of Capt Hardy, 58th Regt, of a daughter. [SX 28 April 1849]

KELLY At Eden House, Monday 18th inst., the lady of John Kelly Esq, of a daughter. [SX 23 Nov 1844]

KELLY On Monday the 24th inst at the Wade, Mrs E Kelly, of a son. [SX 28 Sept 1849]

KEMPTHORNE On 25th inst, to the lady of S Kempthorne, a son. [SX Sat 29.07.1843]

KENNY On Good Friday, at Onehunga, the wife of Major Kenny, of twin daughters, one stillborn. [SX 5 April 1850]

LANGFORD On the 22nd inst, Mrs Langford, Chancery-street, of a son. [SX 23 Nov 1844]

LITTLEWOOD On Monday the 10th inst., the wife of Mr Henry Littlewood, of a daughter. [SX 11 Sept 1849]

MACKY On Sunday the 21st inst, the wife of Mr James Macky, Queen-street, of a son. [WX 23

April 1850]

MALCOLM On the 29th ult., at his residence Mount Eden Road, the wife of Neill Malcolm of the Inner Temple, Esq, Barrister at Law, of a daughter. [SX 3 Feb 1852]

MATSON At Brookside on Tuesday last, the lady of Major Matson, of a daughter. [SX 13 July 1849]

MERRIMAN On the 18th inst, the wife of F W Merriman Esq, of a daughter. [SX 20 July 1852]

MONRO On Wednesday the 7th inst., Mrs Henry Monro, of a daughter. [SX 25 Sept 1849]

NATHAN At her residence, Shortland-street, on Saturday 5th inst, Mrs David Nathan, of a son. [SX 8 Jan 1850]

ORMSBY At Onehunga Lodge, on the 7th inst., the lady of G O Ormsby Esq, of a daughter. [SX 11 June 1852]

PANTON On Sabbath, the 21st inst., Mrs G A Panton, of a son. [SX 23 April 1850]

Right Rev Lord At St Johnís College, Waimate, on the 20th May last, the lady of the Right Rev the Bishop of NZ Lord Bishop of NZ, a son. [SX 6 June 1844]

Right Rev Lord On the 5th inst, at St Johnís Cottage, Bishopís Auckland, the wife of the Lord Bishop of

Bishop of NZ, of a daughter. [WX 10 Sept 1850]

RUSSELL At Rosebank Cottage, Epsom, NZ, on 9th current, Mrs Russell, of a son. [WX 12 Nov 1850]

SHALDERS On Thursday, 24th June 1852, the wife of Mr R B Shalders, store-keeper, Queen-street, of a daughter. [SX 2 July 1852]

SHEPHERD At Precipice Cottage, Porta Kaua Place, Auckland, on the 25th ult, Mrs Shepherd, of a daughter. [SX 3 Feb 1844]

SMITH On the 25th inst, the wife of Mr Richard Smith of Thames-street, of a son. [SX 30 Sept 1848]

STEPHEN At Remuera, on the 25th inst, Mrs G Milner E Stephen, of a son. [SX 27 Aug 1852]

SYMONDS At Onehunga, on the 18th inst, the wife of John Jermyn Symonds Esq, of a daughter. [WX 19 July 1850]

SYMONDS At Onehunga, on the 28th inst, the wife of Lieut Symonds, Staff Officer, of a daughter. [SX 31 Oct 1851]

TAYLOR On Wednesday 27th ult at Freemanís Bay, Mrs J E Taylor, of a son. [SX 1 March 1850]

TAYLOR At Freemanís Bay on the 4th inst, the wife of Mr T E Taylor, of a daughter. [SX 8 Aug 1851]

TOMES On the 28th ult., Mrs Tomes, of a daughter. [WX 1 Oct 1850]

WHITAKER The lady of Samuel Whitaker Esq, Judge of the County Court, Auckland, of a daughter, on the 4th inst. [SX 24 April 1844]

WILLIAMS On 24th July 1850 at Pakaraka, Bay of Islands, the wife of Henry Williams Esq, of a daughter. [WX 2 Aug 1850]

WOODHOUSE On the 22nd inst. at St Georgeís Bay, the lady of John Woodhouse Esq, of a daughter. [SX 24 Aug 1852]

Every care possible has been taken with these records but, as usual, remember to check original sources of **everything** for yourself.

Transcribed: January, 2001 by Jackie Walles, New Zealand


March, 2001