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Luceys appearing in the North American Vital Records Index, published by the LDS.

Luceys are found in the following States/Countries. These records have been sorted by year within location.

Do you recognise any of the families / persons named below? please email me to complete more of the family puzzle.

I would appreciate an email, as any obvious errors I would be happy to correct, I am attributing these :-) to lack of local knowledge.


Sur name Given Name Age Father Mother Spouse Age Spouse's Father Spouse's Mother Age Location Source Ref.


Bridget E.

22 born Omaha

Jeremiah LUCY

Bridget DOYLE

LOVEJOY, Eugene E.

28 born CT

Francis E. LOVEJOY


8 Jan 1874

Douglas, Nebraska

FHL #870046 1856-1875


Cornelius J


Julia E. WOLFE


29 Dec 1892

Douglas, Nebraska

FHL #870047 1892-1893

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Source: LDS International Genealogical Index.
Last updated: January, 2000