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Luceys appearing in the North American Vital Records Index, published by the LDS.

Luceys are found in the following States/Countries. These records have been sorted by year within location.

Do you recognise any of the families / persons named below? please email me to complete more of the family puzzle.

I would appreciate an email, as any obvious errors I would be happy to correct, I am attributing these :-) to lack of local knowledge.


Surname Given Name Age Spouse Age Date Location Source Ref:
LOOSEY A.L 24 Pollie HEARREN 18 27 Apr 1893 Fulton Arkansas FHL#1290015 1887-1895
LUCY Dora 19 T. W OOLS 25 5 May 1895 Pope Arkansas FHL#1034013 1875-1900
LUCEY J. G 23 Sarah Jane MCCLAIN 20 16 Oct 1895 Fulton Arkansas FHL#1290015 1887-1895
LUCY Mary E 18 Edward BROGAN 25 2 May 1866 Sebastian Arkansas FHL#1034042 1865-1890
LUCEY S.B 23 Ellen KNOX 18 16 Oct 1898 Pope Arkansas FHL#1034013 1875-1900
LUCY Sallie B 18 B. F COGGIN 22 4 Aug 1892 Fulton Arkansas FHL#1290015 1887-1895
LUCY Sam 23 Etta GOAD 19 8 Aug 1886 Mississippi Arkansas FHL#1302546 1879-1888

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Source: LDS International Genealogical Index.
Last updated: January, 2000