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The Biographical Dictionaries Master Index, 1975-76 in Volume 2, G-M lists biographies of the following Lucys, (but I have not had the opportunity to follow up the references):

Lucy, Sir B.F.C.R.F; in Who's Who 1974.
Lucy, Frank Allen; 1907 - in American Men and Women of Science - Physical & Biological Sciences 12.
Lucy, Henry D.; 1893 - in Standard & Poors Register of Corporations Directors & Executives 1975.
Lucy, Mary; 1910 - in American Men & Women of Science - Physical & Biological Sciences 12
Lucy, Mary Lou; in Biographical Directory of Librarians in the US and Canada.
Lucy, Michael S.; 1947 - in United States Department of State Biographical Register
Lucy, Robert Frederick; 1924 - in American Men & Women of Science - Physical & Biological Sciences 12
Lucy, William; in New York Times Biographical Edition / 3
Lucy, William in Who's Who in American Politics / 4

WHO'S WHO IN AMERICA Lists the following people, some of whom may be related to the present writer's family, but it would be very difficult to establish this. All use the spelling Lucey, which is the most common spelling for people of Irish ancestry, but not for Normans. Different editions of Who's Who sometimes give different information, and I have obviously not done an exhaustive search to maximise the information here.

Charles Timothy Lucey (b. 2:4:1905)

Born in Corry Pa. Newspaperman, author. Son of Bartholemew J and Jessie (Connors) Lucey. Father of 9 children, including C.E. Lucey (below).
Author: Ireland and the Irish 1970, Harp and Sword: 1776 - The Irish in the American Revolution. This book includes lists of individuals with various Irish names, who fought for the winning side of the revolution.
Residence: Thurmont, Md.

Charles Emmet Lucey (b.7:3:1935)

Born in Toledo, Ohio. Lawyer. Son of Charles T and Catherine (O'Toole) Lucey
BS Georgetown University, 1956. J.D. 1958.
Married Mary Lou Bloise 25:5:1957; children: Caitilin, Justin, Emmet, Larcon.
Chairman, &c. various companies.
Residences: Chevy Chase, Md. and Saint Michaels Md. Office: Washington DC.

Patrick Joseph Lucey (b.21:3:1918)

Born in Wis. Ambassador to Mexico. Former State Governor.Politician, Democrat
Additional information not contained in the entry of Who's Who:

Founder and chairman of Lucey Realty. In 1980, in conjunction with John Bayard Anderson (b. 1922), he stood as a candidate for the office of Vice-President of the USA.

It has been claimed that if the Anderson/Lucey National Unity Campaign had not polled as well as it did, then Ronald Regan (Republican) may not have defeated Jimmy Carter (Democrat) for the US presidency that year.

Anderson and Lucey wrote the first political platform ever to be written by U.S. presidential and vice-presidential candidates, completely independant of a political party. At 80,000 words, it was twice the size of the Democratic Party's platform, and it was both longer and more detailed than most other party platforms.

In one of their election publications, Anderson wrote as follows:

Mr Lucey has served as an effective Govenor of a major state which contains virtually all of the problems of industry, commerce &c. found elsewhere in the United States.

A collection of papers (including the platform) was published as :

A Campaign of Ideas : the 1980 Anderson/Lucey platform Compiled by Clifford W. Brown jr. and Robert J. Walker
No 76 in the series "Contributions in Amarican studies" Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn, 1984. xxii + 486 p. 25 cm
Australian National Library call No 324.9730925 C185, ISBN 0313245355 (lib. bdg.)

Robert Francis Lucey (b.13:3:1926)

Professor of Agronomy, Cornell University.

OTHER AMERICAN LUC(E)Ys, (but not listed in Who's Who):

Autherine Lucy

The first black student at the University of Alabama, U.S.A., who was expelled in March, 1956, by the President and Trustees of the University, in defiance of a Federal Court which reversed her earlier suspension.

James Lucey

Born 1853, parish of Killorglin, Co. Kerry, migrated to USA in 1880, died 8 April, 1936 Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

James was a shoe maker who suddenly became famous in 1923, when a letter written to him by Calvin Coolidge [1872-1933] on White House stationary (soon after Coolidge had become the 30th president [1923-29] of the USA) was published in the press. Coolidge had an austere image, and the letter belied this image:

My Dear Mr. Lucey,
Not often do I see you or write to you, but I want you to know that if it were not for you, I should not be here, and I want to tell you how much I love you.
Do not work too much now, and try to enjoy yourself in your well-earned leisure of age.

Yours sincerely,
Calvin Coolidge

James had 7 children with his wife Anna. Two grand children were Melissa Davidson and William Dunn; a great grand son was Denny Nolan.

Information supplied by Jack S. Lucey of South Australia who corresponded with William Dunn.

Kenneth G. Lucey

Co-editor, with Tibor R. Machan, of Recent work in Philosophy, part of a series : APQ Library of Philosophy.
Published : Rowman & Allanheld, Totowa, N.J. c1983. 321 p., 25 cm
Australian National Library call No 190.904 R295, ISBN 0847671038 0847671039

Lenore Lucy

Mentioned in an article in the US magazine, Architectural Record, on page 28 of the April 1997 issue. Lenore Lucy was refered to as the executive vice-president of NCARB. In the contecxt of the article, I assume that NCARB is an organization which is somehow involved with the registration of Architects in the USA.

Volume I of Genealogical & Local History Books in Print (Springfield, Virginia, 1981) gives only the following references to the name Lucy:

Lycurgus Lucy & Ida Macon
Family Bible dated 25th December, 1882.

Lycurgus Lucy of Helena, Arkansas
Ida S. Macon of Helena, Arkansas married 9 January, 1879.

Mrs Elizabeth A Lucy, born 9 January 1830. Marengo County, Alabama.

Lycurgus Lucy born 6 January, 1850. Marengo County, Alabama.

Ida S Macon born 22 April 1856. Philips County, Arkansas.

Records Births, Marriages Deaths 1830 - 1927
Published in Family Bible Records (4 volumes) at item 33, vol 2, 1971.

Margaret Lucy

Author of Shakespeare and the Supernatural AMS Press, New York 1971 - A 38 page re-print of the 1906 edition which discussed Shakespeare's references to folklore, mythology, the occult and supernatural.

Most Rev. Robert E. Lucey, S.T.D.

Archbishop of San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.,
A letter by his hand to the present writer’s late aunt, Margaret M. Lucy and dated 20th May, 1953 still exists.

Inside America by John Gunther was said (by the present writer’s parents) to refer to him as the Archbishop of Amarilo, Texas.

William Leo Lucey S.J. 1903 -

Co-author (with Robert A. Graham S.J., and James L. Burke S.J.) of :
Hope for peace at San Francisco? What Catholics should think of the world organization (by RA Graham with collaboration of Lucey and Burke). Published by America Press, New York, 1945.
Author of "History: Methods and Interpretation" originally published by Loyola University Press, Chicago, 1958, re-published by Garland Publishing, N.Y., 1984.

Donna M. Lucey 1951 -

Author of Photographing Montana 1894 - 1928 ~ The Life of Evelyn Cameron
Published: New York, 1990 xvii, 250 pp; illustrated, 26 cm.

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